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About WUCL

WUCL (World University Cyber League) by Tencent Sports has launched in China, We are happy to announce that GIC alongside with Ultra Media brought the chance for players from oceanic region to join this exciting event!

The proper development of school leagues is very much depending on professional leagues, WUCL has become the one league with the most participating teams, the biggest range of regions and rich contents from the accumulation of experience and past developments.

This season of WUCL, we have covered schools countrywide and global wise, GIC and Ultra Media aim to provide students an E-sport stage to show people their value and shine.

WUCL-AU is consisted with 2 parts: Invitational and Open qualifier. If you are interested, please keep reading to see more information about tournament time, format and prize!

Registration Form


PUBG M (mobile)


Clash Royale

Invitational: Online

25th June-4th July

1. League of Legend

2. PUBG M (mobile)

3. Clash Royale

More questions please Email us

League of Legend



16th-26th July

1. League of Legend

2. PUBG M (mobile)

3. Clash Royale

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