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“Hello I’m Candice, I’m a bachelor of science student from the university of Melbourne. I come from Chengdu and love spicy food. I usually play League of Legends as a support and enjoy playing Nami Lulu and Lux and I’m learning other support champions as well. Although I just worked in GIC for several months, I found staff here really friendly. My favorite LOL team is EDG especially Clearlove7 and Meiko. Come to GIC to play with me and we could watch LOL Matches together.”

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“I’m Yuri. I am studying communication and media in Monash University. I'm a reliable teammate when I play the league of legends. I am good at playing some champions, like Ahri, Annie Lux and so on. Recently I love to play PUBG. Although I am not good at playing FPS games, I constantly play more games to improve my shooting skills. Welcome to GIC and play games with me!”



Hi, I am Serena. My major is visual communication design in University. I have been playing computer games for 15 years. Computer games have enriched my after-school life. It makes me know some interesting person. The game I am recently playing is League of Legends. If you are willing to teach me some new computer games, I will be very happy to learn it. Welcome to GIC and play computer games.

hello,I'm Ann,studying in rmit. I like to travel because I can harvest different scenery on the road. I also like play games,such as battleground. If you want to play this game, welcome to our  genesis Internet cafe and play with me.




I am Nicole. It is really enjoyable to work in the friendly environment. If you need any help, please feel free to let me know. Also, I am a big nut of LOL, we can play together. :)


Hello everyone(^o^)my name is Phoebe, who is an enthusiastic, friendly, outgoing staff from GIC. I will be kind to talk with you and appreciate working here. I am so interested in media design and doing Digital Media in RMIT now. My hobbies are drawing, reading, watching films and listening to music. Also I wish I can develop my skills on playing games. Welcome to GIC and teach me how to improve on games.(^∇^)




Hi, my name is Chris, and I’m studying at RMIT university. I enjoy meeting people and finding ways to help them. So if you need any help in our Internet cafe, just feel free to let me know. I play PUBG, Rainbow six and LOL in my free time. 


Hey,I'm Evey a staff of Genesis internet cafe. I’m now studying at RMIT and I play league of legends most often. If you have any problem or any request, please don’t hesitate to ask for help, I’m happy to be here to help:)




Hey, my name is Damon. I’m 19-year-old. I’m glad to be a member of GIC. I’ll be kind to talk with you. And I’m also a game player, you’re welcome to play games with me. I can play LOL, PUBG, OW. 


Hello, this is Lynn, I’m studying Bachelor of Information Technology in RMIT University. I come from Dalian, Liaoning province of China. In my free time, I usually stay at home or play LOL, PUBG and so on.


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